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Brakenhale School

Update 6th March

Student Breakfast, Year Evening Evenings

Dear Parents/Carers

Headteacher Update

It has been a pleasure to meet your children over the last two weeks. They are working incredibly hard and it has been wonderful to celebrate their achievements with golden tickets and student of the week breakfasts. I am sure you continue to be proud of their achievements.

A reminder of Upcoming events:

Year 9 Progress Evening and Choices

The virtual Year 9 Progress evening for parents will be on Thursday 7th March, followed by our Year 9 Choices evening at school on Thursday 21st March.  This is an important and exciting part of your child’s educational journey at Brakenhale School.

We continue to be committed to ensuring your children are happy and successful, working with you to support them in meeting our high expectations, to ensure they have lives of choice and opportunity.

As we work to further refine our support offer, I am delighted to inform you that moving forward we will be working with Place2Be counselling services to appoint a full-time school-based counsellor.

I look forward to meeting you over the coming weeks, please feel free to book appointments to meet me via Mrs Silk-Hale,

Yours faithfully,

Camilla Douglas, Headteacher