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Brakenhale School

Update 19th April

Fantastic Week, Fun Friday, Feedback Welcome, Social Media

Dear Brakenhale families and community,

The students have been absolutely fantastic this week. They have worked hard, been kind and taken responsibility. We are incredibly proud of them. To thank them, for 'fun Friday,' today they had ice lollies at lunch and Year 11 and 13 had an ice cream van after school. The laughter and smiles were wonderful.

As I said in my communication yesterday we welcome feedback and the chance to have a polite and positive dialogue. In this vein I have been meeting with student groups and wish to share with you some of their feedback and suggestions.

  • The school is so much calmer since Easter, everyone looks happier
  • There is no disruption in any of my lessons
  • 'I really like the new teachers' also 'there are far fewer cover lessons'

We were also told:

  • We don't really like line ups at the end of the day
    • In response we have now removed line ups at the end of the day, and students are walked by their class teacher directly to the school gate
  • We really want more choice of clubs
    • We listened to the clubs students would like and will now look to run these clubs during the summer term

Once again, may I thank everyone for their messages of support, and for supporting students to be the very best they can be.

Finally, just to reiterate that for whatever reason sometimes posts on social media are inaccurate or unpleasant in nature. Please be reassured that if we had any safeguarding concerns these would be addressed immediately and we would make you aware of these. We have an excellent safeguarding team who support all staff in working tirelessly to ensure your children are safe.

Kind regards

Camilla Douglas, Headteacher