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Brakenhale School


For Years 7 to 10 Sparx Maths Homework is a pivotal aid on our learning journey for students. For added continuity we also use Sparx in IT Maths lessons as well as for their homework. (This replaces the Hegarty system used previously in lessons.)

Students are set tasks based on topics learnt in lesson, after this Sparx will then personalise each child’s homework, making sure it is suitable for their ability, but includes stretch and challenge questions. Students should work independently and the activities completed will be accessible for them.

Learners will also see some questions from topics they have previously covered so they have the opportunity to keep practising the skills they have acquired.

Sparx homework is not marked as complete until all of the questions have been answered correctly at 100%. Sparx believes, and their research has shown, that 60 minutes a week of this type of personalised home learning is the best length for achieving the best impact long term. Sparx has been designed with the learner in mind and wants to support us as teachers to help students’ understanding, confidence, and success in Maths grow.

Homework will be set every Wednesday and will be due by the following Tuesday evening.

Should any student not complete their homework on time, they will be required to attend a Sparx detention the following day, where they will complete the outstanding work under supervision.

To help students succeed we also offer Sparx support sessions every week in B11 as follows:

  • Monday – lunchtime
  • Tuesday – lunchtime

Please see the useful “Sparx How to Guide” below, which includes a student guide video, which should help answer any questions that you have.

Teacher in charge:

Mrs D Turner, Sparks Maths Lead -