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Brakenhale School

Sixth Form Opportunities

Sixth Form Ethos

The Sixth Form’s aim is for all of our young people to be the best version of themselves, and achieve to their full potential. It is an expectation that the students attend school as much as they can, and that they are working as hard as they can as well. Staff and students work together to cultivate an atmosphere of positivity and maturity, in order that our students are confident, independent, and happy in their time here at Brakenhale.

Essentially, we want our students to:

  • Be independent young adults, who can manage themselves effectively and maturely.
  • Be motivated to achieve the best that they possibly can, and to work hard to achieve to their full potential.
  • Feel proud to be a part of our Sixth Form Community, and to have a sense of positivity and enthusiasm around building a Sixth Form we can all be proud of.
  • Leave with a set of results that they are proud of through outstanding teaching and support on our part.
  • Look after each other, and be aware of their impact on everyone else involved in the Sixth Form. Everyone should aim to contribute positively to the lives of others.
  • Be happy in their time at Brakenhale Sixth Form, and to feel supported, encouraged, and part of something bigger than themselves.


Sixth Form Extra Curricular Activities

Brakenhale’s Sixth Form offers students plenty of opportunities to engage with extra-curricular activities in a number of different ways. Students can opt to be part of our ‘Personal Growth’ scheme, where student volunteer to work with different departments to offer their expertise in subjects they study to support those in the lower years. We also encourage students to work with students in Years 7 – 11 who might need some additional support in subjects on a one-to-one basis. This helps develop our Sixth Former’s character, but also gives them the opportunity to include their work in their personal statements when applying for universities, or CVs when applying for jobs. This is of huge benefit to sixth formers, staff and our younger students and we always have really positive feedback from those who have signed up. Volunteering can be completed as often as students like and is a key part of acquiring a gold or platinum privilege pass. Alongside this, we have a dedicated Sixth Form extra-curricular timetable where students can get involved with a wide range of activities across the school.

‘ReFuel’ is our Sixth Form ‘tuck shop’ which offers students a range of snacks before school, at break and at lunchtime. It is run by the students, for the students and all money raised goes into a Sixth Form budget that can then be spent on items or events of our student’s choosing.  ReFuel is often staffed by members of the Student Union, however, we also have a specific student who oversees the running of it. Students are expected to organise stock, request stock, and are in charge of our payment system, under the supervision of the Assistant Head of Sixth Form and our amazing Sixth Form administrator.

There are normally several trips organised across the year, including careers fairs, Safe Drive Stay Alive, University trips, alternative curriculum trips, UCAS fairs and many external speakers who come to deliver sessions on different areas of expertise such as finance and saving, applying for universities, and we have even had a Channel 4 film crew in to talk to the students about a documentary they were making – many of our students were a part of this.


Destination Planning

A key part of Sixth Form is preparing you for your future – whatever that may be! As such, tutors are on hand to give help and guidance on applying to University, and completing a UCAS application as well as to aid research into apprenticeships and other further education options. These topics will become a focus of tutor time and of PSHE throughout the year, ensuring students get all the help they need to make the best decisions for them.


Extended Project Qualification

Sixth Form students at Brakenhale School have the opportunity to complete the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification). The EPQ is examined by AQA and is worth half of an A-Level. It is a fantastic opportunity for students to become involved in an independent research project; developing essential skills such as time management, critical thinking and self evaluation.

Students are able to complete a project on any topic which interests them. This allows students to develop further knowledge and skills essential in the field of their choosing which can aid future employment and higher education opportunities.

The EPQ is assessed through either a 5,000 word essay or a 1,000 word report which sits alongside an ‘artefact.’ An ‘artefact’ is ultimately a final ‘product’ of any sort and previous examples have included songs, pieces of artwork or even the creation of choirs or community events.

Students work alongside a member of staff who will complete a project log along their EPQ journey. In addition to this, students will attend a weekly ‘taught skills’ class which helps students build all the knowledge and skills they will need to be able to successfully envisage, create and record their projects.

The EPQ allows students to showcase key skills which they may not otherwise be able to, all of which are essential for any future endeavour; from succeeding at Higher Education to being successful in the workplace.