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Brakenhale School

Sixth Form Responsibilities

Our Sixth Form students take their responsibilities very seriously. As highlighted by Ofsted; ‘Students behave impeccably. They are excellent role models for younger pupils in the school.’. We believe that the Sixth Form students should be setting the standard extremely high, and as such attendance, punctuality, presentation and behaviour are key focuses along with academic progress. Our Sixth Formers are valued as individuals, and as such ‘Students are extremely complimentary about the sixth form. They feel highly valued and respected.’ (Ofsted, 2019).

We are extremely proud of our Sixth Form, and the students we are fortunate enough to work with. Thank you for taking time to read about what we do here at Brakenhale Sixth Form. If you are a parent of a student here already, we thank you for your support and interest, and if you are reading this as a prospective parent, we thank you for your interest and hope to work with you in the future. Please do feel free to ask any further questions you might have on

Please remember we are an in-school based Sixth Form and therefore have dress code expectations. Students need to dress in a way that is conducive to a professional learning environment. Attached is an infographic of some of the items which are, or are not allowed. For example, short-shorts, crop tops, and sheer/transparent clothing are not allowed.