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Brakenhale School

SPARX English Reader

Sparx Reader is a reading, comprehension and vocabulary programme that gets all young people reading regularly to help improve their literacy and motivates them to read for pleasure.  Any device with a web browser is able to access Sparx Reader.

Students take a test and then they choose a book according to their level. Sparx Reader will regularly check their understanding of the story throughout the book by asking question based on comprehension of the text they are reading.  Students are rewarded Sparx Reader Points by reading carefully and over time, their literacy and reading abilities will improve. 

Students always have a choice in what they read. The e-book library has modern fiction books from many publishers as well as classic stories. Once pupils reach the gold level, they have autonomy over the text they choose; they can add their own books from home too.

Tasks are personalised based on each student's reading ability so that every student can be successful with their reading. The books that a student can choose from are carefully chosen so that the text is accessible yet suitably challenging.

In addition, and more recently, daily vocabulary puzzles are now available so pupils can discover and practise new words presented to them in context. Over time, this will support pupils develop their vocabulary. 

Teachers monitor progress closely and can focus on those that need intervention and support. 

Homework will be set every Thursday at 3pm and is due in on the following Wednesday.

Should any student not complete their homework on time, they will be required to attend a Sparx detention.  Detentions will be set on a Thursday.

Please visit for more information and see the useful “Sparx How to Guide” below.

Teacher in charge:

Mrs D Lewis, Sparks Reader Lead -