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Brakenhale School

Contact Details

Please ensure that you keep the school updated with any changes to student and parent/carer contact details, especially email addresses and mobile phone numbers.

Any change of student or parent contact details (with the exception of student name changes) should be sent to main reception, either by letter, email or via the My Child at School (MCAS) App. Please inform us as soon as possible of any relevant changes to ensure we can always contact you should the need arise.

We send messages via email to keep you updated on information regarding your students, if for any reason you are not receiving our messages, please call the school office and we will be happy help.

If we do not hold any email contacts for you this will result in a delay to you receiving important information.

Please note that students are only allowed to have a mobile phone if it is not visible at any time, is turned off and placed in their bag during the school day. Students are not permitted to use their phone during the school day at any time or during any off-site activity.  If parents have an emergency and need to contact their child, they should phone the school main reception and the school will give the message to the student. Similarly, if a student needs to contact home, they can do so by going to the Head of Year Office to use the telephone.


The school insurance does not cover any personal property that is damaged, stolen or lost on the school site. This includes cars, bicycles, jewellery, electronic equipment etc. Please ensure that you have private insurance that covers any items that you wish to be covered.