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Brakenhale School

Update 5th January

Happy New Year, Students Back to School, Short Term

Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you had a good Christmas break and wishing you a happy new year! It has been great seeing
our students back in school yesterday. This is a short term - five weeks from today and we will be on
the February half term holiday.

Whilst this is the start of a new term and new year, I do want to relay some sad news.
Over the weekend, I was informed of the tragic death of one of our ex-students, who left Year 11 in
the summer term 2023. The former student was a valued member of our school community and will
be deeply missed by all.

This news was shared with all staff on Tuesday upon our return. I have informed students in Years
10-13, in person, during their assemblies this week as these year groups may have known them more
than the students in Years 7-9.

When someone suddenly dies, young people may experience many different feelings such as sadness
or anger. Some will undoubtedly feel shocked and upset by the news. Others may be confused or
numb. These reactions are all normal.

Our pastoral teams (Heads of Year) and Safeguarding team have been, and will continue to be,
available to support all students, on an on-going basis. Students have been told this and signposted
to the support.

My thoughts, and the wider school's thoughts, are with the family and their loved ones at this sad

Kind regards

Mr B Tailor, Headteacher