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Brakenhale School

Hiring Guidelines

Fire Evacuation

In all sports areas you will find a break glass call point by the Emergency exit doors, if you discover a fire on any scale these are to be broken to sound an alarm.

In these areas we do not have telephones so can you please ensure that the person in charge of the letting has use of a mobile phone to be able to call the fire brigade. You also need to contact the school on 07504 803140 to notify them of the fire.

On calling the fire brigade they need to advise they are calling from:

  • Brakenhale School
    Rectory Lane
    RG12 7BA

Emergency Evacuation Procedures: – all personnel in all areas need to vacate to the Tennis Courts to the rear of the school. Once you arrive at the Assembly point you need to complete a roll call of all personnel in your party.

One responsible person needs to wait by main gate to direct and advise the fire brigade on arrival.


Our synthetic turf sports surfaces are designed and installed to exacting standards. In order to maintain the performance of this surface it is essential that the following rules of use are observed:

  • Clean all footwear before using the surface
  • Do not wear spiked, studded or bladed footwear
  • Move equipment carefully without dragging it over the surface
  • Ensure equipment is safely secured before use
  • Do not consume food or drink upon the surface
  • Do not allow pets or animals upon the surface
  • Do not use cycles, skateboards or rollerblades upon the surface